Unreal VR Game: ByStanders

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This game is created for a game module in National University of Singapore (NUS).

A detective game in Virtual Reality (VR) based in 1981. After working hard to become a detective, you are faced with a really challenging crime scene where you will have to explore inside the witnesses’ mind to find out hints to solving the crime.

Contribution to the game

This game is created using Unreal engine in a team of 5 comprising of 3 programmers, 1 artist and 1 designer. I was one of the programmers working on the interactions of the game objects, creating the room layout in the second half and enhancements in the puzzle ideas.

This is the first time I created a VR game, I relied heavily on googling Unreal Engine mechanism in catering to our needs. The biggest technical challenge is interacting with the hands realistically using collision boxes. Once the first few objects is accomplished, the rest of the game play became easier. Instead of learning the proper way of Unreal Engine, we used the GUI provided to link all our logic together.

Technical aspect aside, I really enjoy the immersive environment in a VR game. On top of that, I realise how difficult it is to develop a VR game as we have to constantly try on using the VR headset to ensure that we are on the right track. I can’t deny that we had multiple trial and errors in creating this game. All in all, I am definitely proud of what we created in one semester.


In the game, each witness’s mind has “weird” characteristics and the hints are hard to find. Ultimately through exploration, you need to reproduce the actual crime scene. If you manage to get it correct, you will be able to find out the real criminal of this murder.

This game is created using Unreal Engine in a team of 5 comprising of 3 programmers, 1 artist and 1 producer. I was one of the programmers in charge of the room scene and all the interactions with the objects such as torchlight, weapons, paint etc.

Feel free to watch the promotion video we created for our game! Alternatively, you can view the gallery below showcasing different part of the game.

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